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We know the drill—your garage door was fine one day and on the fritz the next, leaving you scratching your head. Here at Ben's Garage Doors Inc., we've seen it all before, and our team of seasoned pros is standing by to lend a hand with any hiccup your garage might throw at us.Situated right in Hawthorne, NJ, reaching out to us couldn't be easier. Whether you're dealing with an opener that won't cooperate or springs that have sprung their last spring—we've got the tools and talent needed for every job.

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Making sure your day rolls on without interruption starts with getting help when you need it most—that means no waiting around for 'normal business hours' to get things rolling again. You'll find us ready from Monday through Sunday, bright and early at 8 AM till 8 PM because let’s face it; garage doors don’t wait for convenient times to break down.To set an appointment that fits neatly into your schedule (because who has time for anything else?), give us a ring at (973) 358-7564. A friendly voice will guide you through booking a visit from our technicians faster than you can say "open sesame". But if phones aren't really your thing—you can still connect with ease using our online form where help is just a few clicks away.

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You could say we're pretty familiar with Hawthorne streets—our techs are local legends known for showing up fast and fixing even faster. And hey, while they’re there turning wrenches like nobody’s business—they’ll fill you in on what went wrong so future surprises stay off the agenda as much as possible.No matter if its cables gone rogue or tracks playing tricks—Ben's Garage Doors Inc.'s crew brings decades of experience straight to your driveway (or parking lot...we don’t judge). We take pride not only in swift service but also passing along knowledge so every client feels empowered about their home maintenance decisions long after we’ve left them happy—with doors smoothly gliding open once more.

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